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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Singapore The Cleanest City In The World.

Imagine having no chewing gum or you will be arrested,Or not being able to spit or litter, Have you ever thought about why those goverment people wear those wigs? Well today I learnt from Ryley's government slide show that you are not aloud to spit or chew chewing gum. And Nicole her slide show about those people wearing those wigs. Our teacher told us that we had to find  out what would happen if you found a chewing gum wrapper what would happen to you? and why they wear those wigs.Well those  people wear those wigs to show their maturity and wisdom, Older people who had white wigs were wiser, More mature and knowledeable The longer the wig the more important you are. I could not find out about the chewing gum one but I found a video about it here is the link........


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  1. Hey Lily

    Wow, I didn't know that people aren't allowed chewing gum in Singapore. I watched the video and I found out that if you drop a cigarette on the ground you can be fined up to about $1'000.



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